I am Gerda Boateng and let me first start off by saying thank you for taking an interest in my art. Let’s get into who I am and how I got to this point in creating art. I was born in Ghana which is located in West Africa, I relocated to Canada at the age of 6. With no friends and a challenge with the language, drawing became my outlet. I taught myself how to draw by pausing my tv screen to imitate cartoon characters, signing out every archie comic from the library to trace  and doodling flowers with infinite petals on anything I could find. Although never being classically trained in the arts i made it my mission to always participate in the arts when in school.

While I attended OCAD University, I slowly lost my passion for creating art (something I regret allowing to occur). In 2017, I endured a life changing experience which brought me back to using art as a creative release but this time with a purpose!

I use my art to showcase men and women (mostly women) of color in a  light that differs from how they may be portrayed in other forms of expression. It is my goal to create representation of afrocentric people as playful, colourful, bright, positive, and beautiful as I view them. It doe snot have a Gerdacreates stamp until I have  incorporating my doodle art to add elements of abstraction. 

I consider myself to be a mixed-media artist. I do not limit myself to just one medium, I use: mostly water colour paint, but also pastels, charcoal, graphite, and ink to bring my portraits to life. My art is meant to express the beauty in all shades of culture light heartedly.