My name is Gerda Boateng. Thank you for taking an interest in my art! 



I was born in Ghana, and relocated to Canada at the age of 6. With no friends and a challenge with the language, drawing became my voice.


As the years passed, I started to gain recognition for my talents. Dedicated to a future as an artist, I was selected to attend the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD University), where I earned a bachelors degree in creative advertising. Ironically, it was while attending art school that I began to lose my passion for art (for a number of systemic reasons). In 2017 however, I endured a life changing experience which brought me back to using art for a purpose!


I was on a mission to create images of melanated beauty the way I perceived it, not in the way I was taught to view it. I wanted my creations to showcase the inner beauty that I saw in my family, friends, and people I come across in life. I chose to do this by using a mixture of medias, such as: watercolour, ink, graphite, pastel, charcoal and digital art to showcase that we are playful, colourful, bright, positive, and melanated beautifully. 



I create rich portraits with abstract doodles and it is undeniable how they have the ability to brighten and deepen any space they are placed in. Thank you for supporting my work and vision of the future.